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How to clean your cold press juicer

Cold press juicers are a valuable addition to one’s home. However, they may also have been very costly to purchase and machinery is prone to get damaged if not cared for. With an important investment in one’s health and kitchen, it is equally necessary to maintain and care for this piece of equipment so as not to waste a purchase which could last for years otherwise. Given here is a concise and straightforward guide on how to care cold press juicer easily.

Firstly, you must know what material you will need to clean your cold press juicer. If you’ve previously owned a blender or similar kitchen equipment, you might be familiar with just how difficult it is to properly wipe all its nooks and crevices clean. For your ease, described below are tried and tested ways of minimizing these efforts.

Cleaning Tools

You might want to look in a general store for some of the tools which we will mention below. All of the tools which we will recommend will be ones that are easily available in most areas or otherwise easier to find online. Additionally, they are very cheap.

A pipe cleaning brush, composed of stiff nylon bristles hanging on to one end of a long pipe, is an easy to use tool designed to reach the insides of any pipe or tube-like structure the depths of which no other tool might be able to touch. These are perfect for cleaning out difficult to reach areas like the pour spout of your cold press juicer.

A nylon cleaning brush or a toothbrush with stiff nylon bristles would be perfect for cleaning out the juicer filter basket. These bristles would force any remaining residue to come loose and to then be washed away easily.

To clean the most reachable surfaces of your cold press juicer a regular sponge with one side having an abrasive, rough surface will do just fine in getting your dishwasher scrubbed evenly into the insides of the juicer.

The Cleaning Process

It is often the case that you need to perform multiple tasks simultaneously in the kitchen and you do not have the time to wash each piece of equipment and dish as soon as you get done working on it. When such is the case, it is always a bad idea to leave your dirty juicer in open air for the unwashed particles in it to dry on the juicer’s surface. These dried particles become such a hassle to clean! Leave your cold press juicer in the sink and turn the tap on until the juicer is filled with warm water. The water will help keep the particles moist and make the juicer easier to clean when you are ready to.

Then you can at any given time proceed to cleanse your juicer with tools such as a pipe cleaning brush, a nylon scrubbing brush, and a sponge. Be sure not to make harsh strokes with the brushes as that could damage the juicer’s plastic surfaces. Once you have cleaned your cold press juicer in depth, dry it out with a kitchen towel so that the mechanical parts embedded inside the juicer’s body may not absorb and hold water. Set the juicer upside down on a piece of newspaper on the counter so that any excess water still inside may flow out and make sure that you clean your cold press juicer after each use.

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